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Creative seasons.

Some work done via “paint” just on laptop. The winter season sometimes brings out creative feelings between the Christmas and New Year. Someone said its a time for reflection and wonder. Perhaps thoughts of a new year and pass events stimulates this.paint-winter-scene_li

A view of a city

My painting in the 2011 LondonLive competition

My LondonLive painting for 2011 competition

My impressionistic version of London for the competition in 2011. I tried to include all the aspects of the city which were on people’s mind at the time. This of course included the Olympic Games to be held in 2012-showed rowing, cycling etc. Then I showed the London Eye and Canary Wharf.


commrep3stratford061 033

Roseberry Topping —-North Yorkshire

Awhile ago 2006 I think, I put this picture in a charity auction which was held at the Baltic in Gateshead. The auction was held on behalf of Grace House Charity. I am pleased that it help, in a small way and that charity is still helping local families. All the best to them and the communities in the areas at the beginning of this New Year. May 2016 be a happy one.

Tea and Paintings.

The Friends of the Hatton Gallery Summer Exhibition is now on.  A lovely afternoon can be spent walking around this very modern gallery which is part of the University of Newcastle campus. Walk up the steps at Kings Walk passed the Campus Café and passed the Northern Stage with its lovely café and the surrounding historic university buildings and either go through the archway, where on the right are the steps of the Hatton Gallery. Or go down to the right passed the Northern Stage, and the big sign saying the Hatton Gallery is there on your left . Up the stairs to the Long Gallery and through a couple of doors and you are there. And a surprise awaits not only the Friends exhibition but the exhibition of Sir Anthony Gormley drawings are on view in another room, plus part of a students exhibition in  another room.

Could be a very good afternoon’s visit with tea at the Northern Stage or the Campus Café.